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  1. Terms & Conditions 




    All kaito products are backed by extremely high quality & excellent craftsmanship.


    However if due to any reason you are not satisfied with the product please f feel free to return our products within 15 days of receiving the item.


    1. Please make sure all tags are intact and the piece has only been worn for trying.


    2. Please ensure the product is not damaged in any way.


    3. Please raise a return form and we will enable the return and your refund as soon as possible.



    Whole Sale Buyers/ Retailers/ Boutiques


    1. Each piece is handmade, eco and sustainable in nature.


    2. We do not prefer working on consignment, however if we still do, we can put 10 pieces with you with 50% advance on WS price of the whole order. Pieces will be sent to sell for a duration of 3 months after which either you can exchange or return the pieces with the advance credited back to you or after deducting the amount of sold pieces.


    3. For consignment orders we give 35% off the MRP.


    4. For outright purchase it is 45% off the MRP with full buy back guarantee.


    5. The courier charges, upkeep of garments are buyers responsibility.



    Please contact for further assistance and for purchases.